e-HIVQUAL 2011 Annual Data Report
New York State Dept. of Health AIDS Institute
New York, NY

HIVQUAL-US is committed to improving health outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS who are served by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. HIVQUAL provides technical assistance through coaching, mentoring, improvement education and resources to assist HIV health care providers to establish and foster sustainable, self-sufficient quality management programs and to build effective systems to continuously improve care for people living with HIV/AIDS in participating clinics across the United States. Significant areas of focus for improvement are aligned with goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, including retention in care and viral load suppression.


HIVQUAL-US builds capacity among HIV providers to measure the quality of care and to guide facility-level activities aimed at improving patient outcomes. Improvement experts provide on and off-site coaching to strengthen HIV providers’ organizational HIV quality management program infrastructures, to routinely utilize performance data for improvement, and to successfully engage in sustainable improvement activities. Performance measurement of HIV primary care providers occurs through annual self-reporting. Performance data for this review were submitted using the eHIVQUAL web-based application. In previous years, providers used HIVQUAL software, a customized MS-Access program, to complete this review. HIVQUAL indicators were developed in partnership with the HIVQUAL-US Clinical Advisory Committee, the New York State (NYS) Quality Advisory Committee, and the NYS Consumer Advisory Committee. This report summarizes clinic-level scores and offers preliminary benchmarking data. Mean scores for each indicator are calculated for comparative purposes.


The HIVQUAL framework, developed by the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute in 1992, is based on the concept that quality management programs should reflect a balance between quality improvement and performance measurement activities and be built on a sustainable programmatic infrastructure with active support from the agency’s leadership. These structural features are designed to be sustainable even with staff turnover or leadership changes. The ultimate goals of HIVQUAL-US and the HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) are to improve health outcomes for people living with HIV at the local agency level and to advance the quality of HIV care nationally.

Clemens Steinbock
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