NQC Consumer Advisory Committee
"The NQC needs to use the CAC as a part of the team, really utilize us as a resource that works closely with consumers. Consumers can really speak to the quality of care issues."

Consumer Advisory Committee Update - New Recruits Wanted


On September 1, 2013, the CAC was restructured to include a total of 10 appointed persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) from across the country representing Department of Health and Human Services region.  A recruitment and solicitation process has commenced to include the broad dissemination of a new CAC membership applications and instructions for PLWHA to apply.  Applicants must submit a resume or bio and a supporting letter of reference from a Ryan White grantee stating as to why applicant should be appointed to the CAC.  Applications received must be fully completed in order to be considered.  The deadline to submit applications is December 15, 2013.  NQC staff will review all applications and inform applicants if they were accepted by January 2014.



CAC Member Eligibility Criteria


•Strong understanding of HIV quality management program infrastructure that exists across currently funded Ryan White programs

•Active and engaged in quality improvement activities within a Ryan White grantee

•Knowledge of NQC portfolio and program initiatives

•Time commitment to participate in at least 2 out of the 5 below routinely scheduled CAC workgroup conference calls (please note, the CAC will not meet in-person) to provide meaningful recommendations to NQC staff on existing or new portfolio of activities to include:

1.On-site training/capacity building workgroup(ex: TOT, TQL, TCB, TCQ, and possibly future offerings to be developed)

2.On-line training/capacity building workgroup(ex: Quality Academy Tutorials, webinar topics, and quality management/improvement education materials)

3.Ryan White Regional Quality Learning Networks and Collaboratives workgroup (ex: H4C)

4.Quality Campaign workgroup(ex: in+Care Campaign)

5.Other NQC Special Projects (To be determined)

•Agree to participate in a Ryan White Regional Quality Learning Network or Collaborative if one exists in your local area

•Ability to represent diverse communities of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS locally, statewide, and regionally


To Apply for CAC Membership

Step 1

You will need to complete the online application using the following link:



Click on the button on this page labeled Apply to CAC


Step 2

Submit your resume or bio and letter of reference from a Ryan White grantee to Dan Tietz at the address below.  NQC cannot consider any applications that are not supported by these documents.


Questions regarding the NQC CAC recruitment process or porfolio of services can be directed to Daniel Tietz via the above email or tollfree at: (877)874-0776.


About the NQC CAC

Participatory involvement by people living with and affected by HIV is an integral component of the National Quality Center (NQC). Through the NQC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), HIV infected and affected consumers assist the NQC to develop initiatives to improve the quality of HIV care across the United States and particularly services provided through the Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act.


The goals for this NQC Consumer Advisory Committee are to:


•provide information about consumer experiences with quality of care provided by Ryan White-funded services

•provide input and feedback for the development of NQC activities around building capacity for quality improvement in HIV care across the Ryan White continuum

•inform and educate consumers and other stakeholders about current and future NQC quality improvement initiatives

•provide insight about quality of HIV care issues to HAB representatives

Daniel Tietz
National Quality Center (NQC)

New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute
ESP, Tower Room 412
Albany, NY 12237
work (518) 473-7542
fax    (518) 402-5004
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