Consumer Academy
"The Tutorials were easy to use, a good review of info and fun! We're excited about our next steps and our potential for growth."

NQC Announces the Consumer Academy


Since its inception in 2004, NQC has made a commitment to consumer involvement starting with its own Consumer Advisory Council.  We refined out ideas on consumer involvement over time but never wavered in our commitment to ensuring that the voice of the consumer was incorporated in to our work.  The Consumer Academy is the culmination of our efforts.  The Consumer Academy is a training tool to foster consumer involvement in Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) recipient’s quality management programs and give them a meaningful voice in quality improvement activities.

This series of tutorials is meant to assist consumers in becoming better self-managers and in learning the basic principles and practice of quality improvement.  These tutorials offer a ready resource for RWHAP recipients provide a training curriculum to consumers who are interested in becoming involved with their quality management program.  

These tutorials are some of the resources NQC offers.  Please let us know what you think of this exciting new educational opportunity from NQC. 

Kevin Garrett
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