HIV/AIDS Bureau Ryan White Conference

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Conference  is a four day event that broghout together recipients from all Parts of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP). Its purpose is to help recipients improve the care they give to HIV infected and affected individuals and share the knowledge they have gained in serving their clients.


The National Quality Center (NQC) is proud to be the organization chosen to provide technical assistance on quality management to Ryan White grantees. Since its inception in 2004, NQC has seen a marked increase in the level of sophistication grantees have achieved in integrating quality management methodologies and practice into their systems of care.  NQC is proud to have played a part in this and looks forward to continually serving the RWHAP recipient community.  

Kevin Garrett, LMSW
National Quality Center (NQC)

New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute
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New York, NY 10007-2919
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