NQC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC)
"The NQC needs to use the CAC as a part of the team, really utilize us as a resource that works closely with consumers. Consumers can really speak to the quality of care issues."

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About the CAC

The participation of people living with HIV is an integral component of the National Quality Center (NQC).  Consumers assist the NQC in developing new initiatives to improve the quality of Rayn White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) funded services across the United States.To learn what the NQC CAC has accomplished over time, please download the CAC Milestones document in the Materials section or Click Here.

The goals of the NQC CAC are to:

  • Provide information about consumer experiences with the quality of care in RWHAP funded services
  • Provide input and feedback for the development of NQC activities around quality improvement capacity building across the RWHAP service Continuum
  • Inform consumers about current and future NQC quality improvement initiatives
  • Develop educational opportunities for consumers to become active participants in a RQHAP funded organization's quality management program

CAC member eligibility criteria:

  • Have a strong understanding of HIV quality management program infrastructure that exists across RWHAP programs
  • Be engaged in quality improvement activities within a RWHAP grantee
  • Understand NQC services and initiatives
  • Commit to be a active participant in the NQC CAC in one or more of the following workgroup conference calls (no travel required):
    • Onsite training and capacity building workroups
    • online training capacity building workgroups
    • RWHAP quality learning network and collaboratives
Daniel Tietz
National Quality Center (NQC)

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