NQC Sharelab
"I finally have a resource to share my work with my peers"


NQC is pleased to announce ShareLab; our newest quality improvement resource for you. Simply put, you can access improvement strategies of others and share your own interventions to foster a community of learners. This simple to use online application allows visitors to explore improvement interventions related to retaining HIV-infected individuals in ongoing HIV care through submissions by in+care Campaign participants. In addition, registered users can enter additional retention interventions of their own, rate posted strategies, and reply to entries made by others. A range of search and navigation features allows great flexibility and access to information.

The Sharelab platform allows user-driven collection of real-world interventions on specific topics ripe for improvement, flexible categorization of these ideas, user comments and rating of ideas, and easy viewing and printing to further share these ideas. This site is built on the vision that:

  • the collective wisdom of end users in the HIV field and their voluntary commitment to document their innovative idea provides an opportunity for learning,
  • sharing of innovative strategies is an important aspect of peer learning, and
  • registered users have the capacity to advance this project with minimal involvement of NQC staff and coaches.

The first trees of Sharelab focus on retention in care and viral load suppression. Sharelab is expected to grow to encompass many other quality improvement strategies related to HIV and, eventually, those relating to other diseases.

Share your successful improvement strategies and interact with your colleagues across the country.

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