Regional Quality Improvement Trainings
"I learned more today than during the two years I have been trying to ask questions in my clinic!"

The mission of the National Quality Center (NQC) is to build capacity for quality improvement among HIV providers. NQC offers regional, cross-Part quality improvement workshops in partnership with local quality leaders.


The training goals for these full-day 101 trainings include:

-         introduction of the key principles and models for quality improvement

-         overview of performance measurement and indicator development

-         fundamentals of building a sound quality management infrastructure


These trainings are usually organized in collaboration with Part B grantees to support regional capacity building and to provide networking opportunities for HIV providers, quality managers, and administrators working across the Ryan White Program continuum in each state.


The host grantee is responsible for inviting grantees across Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Parts in their region and for promoting the training opportunity. NQC usually covers the cost for a lead trainer, training materials, training room, and refreshments.  


Regional training materials are available in English and Spanish.

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