Trainers of Consumers on Quality Plus (TCQPlus)

Announcing the Next TCQPlus Session

April 25 through 27 in Chicago, IL

To apply

Use the link to the right and fill out the Survey Monkey application completely.  Make sure that before you apply you understand the parameters of participation. This NQC training is a bit different than prior ones because we require one person from a recipient and one consumer to apply as a training team.   


NQC developed the TCQPlus program in recognition of the demand for local Training of Consumers on Quality (TQC) trainings and the realization that another level of training was necessary to address the desire of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients to involve consumers in their quality management program. 

One central aim of the TCQPlus Program is to strengthen the training capacity among consumers and RWHAP recipients to conduct local quality improvement trainings to consumers; in short ‘a QI training by consumers to consumers.’ To ensure the necessary commitment and the successful implementation of TCQ trainings, NQC has designed the TCQPlus around the concept of training partners. Training partners consist of a qualified consumer who is engaged with RWHAP recipient(s) and a representative from a RWHAP recipient. Each training partner has a vital role in ensuring that a TCQ training is conducted in their local jurisdictions and delivered in keeping with the TCQPlus post-training expectations.

TCQPlus Program and Its Goals

The specific goals of the TCQPlus Program are:

  • Develop the national training capacity among consumers and RWHAP recipients to deliver quality improvement trainings to consumers in local jurisdictions

  • Foster a working relationship between consumers and RWHAP recipients to form TCQPlus training partners

  • Conduct local training sessions by the TCQPlus training partners to implement the NQC-developed TCQ training