Evelyn Bradley
Baltimore City Health Department, Baltimore, MD

Positively!HIV Self-Management Videos

Dedicated to PLWH and those who care for them.

 NQC is pleased to offer Positively!  a collection of short videos designed to help people with HIV manage their disease.

 Positively!uses a combination of testimonials, conversations, narrative, and animation to provide key messages about HIV, using strong health literacy concepts. The video clips are designed as a resource for people with HIV, or to start discussions between HIV providers and their clients.

  • Newly HIV Positive speaks to the concerns of people who just learned they have HIV,
  • How People Get HIV explains how HIV passes from one person to another and how to stay safe, and reviews common HIV myths, 
  • HIV in the Body shows what HIV does inside the body, and why there’s no cure,
  • How HIV Medicine Works explains that there’s hope and help from HIV medicine,
  • Managing HIV provides a program for living long and living strong with HIV,
  • HIV and Real Life gives tips for facing life’s challenges, and finally a  
  • Resource Guide provides links to additional resources.

Start Positively!

 Positively! segments each provide links to other relevant resources. 

Text is available for those who are hard of hearing.  Viewers can be sure they have mastered the content by answering a few self-check questions at the end of most segments.

Positively! was developed over three years with the support of the NQC Fellows Program and the Baltimore City Health Department.  The project results from collaboration among people with HIV, providers, health educators, and health literacy and media experts.  A Ryan White Part A Grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration’s HIV/AIDS Bureau funded Positively!