Welcome to the NQC QI Challenge


The National Quality Center launches the QI Challenge, a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-wide clinical quality improvement initiative. It’s a 10-step questionnaire covering top quality-related activities to improve HIV care in your agency. The QI Challenge has something for everyone: recipients, subrecipients, consumers, and project officers. To get started, print out our QI Challenge poster with the questionnaire. In addition, we have a photo component tie-in, leaderboard, web badge for the finishers, and a dedicated #QIChallenge hash tag to talk about it.

If you’re a Ryan White HIV AIDS Program recipient or subrecipient, assemble your team and jointly take the questionnaire challenge. If you’re a project officer, see how many recipients you can get to step up to the challenge. Consumers—ask your physician, “What is the one thing I could be doing to improve the quality of my care?”

How to Start

1. Download the QI Challenge from this webpage and share with others.

2. Assemble your HIV team. Together, tackle the 10-question QI Challenge.

3. Take note of the questions you miss (or cannot complete). Access the NQC resources below for questions you miss.

How to Brag

4. Once completed, take your team picture with the “I took the QIChallenge” banner found in the Resource box and submit your picture to QIChallenge@NationalQualityCenter.org.

5. Use #QIChallenge to share on social media! All participants who submit a picture will have their names added to the QI Challenge leaderboard and receive a completion web badge to display on their own websites.

How to Access QI Resources

To access QI resources that are specific to each section of the QI Challenge click on the links below and learn more how to increase your QI IQ.


 Performance Measurement

 Improvement Efforts

 Clinical Quality Management Infrastructure

 Quality Improvement Staff Development